still life


For this project we were suppose to utilize shadows and lighting in order to capture different angles of our subject. I chose to photograph a stapler as it is very angular and I like how mundane it looks.

A white cloth was set up for us to use as a background. The white really sets the focus on the object and eliminates all other background noise. I tried to shoot the stapler from different angles and maybe different ways it could be used. I edited my favorite photos in camera raw, adjusting the lighting and exposure to make it feel more moody.

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Photo essay


For this project we had to tell a story only using photos. I wanted to capture how music is taught in the education system. I wanted to capture an authentic feel to the moments captured. I tried my best to capture motion as well.

I captured the movement of the teacher to show his involvement/ lack there of. I captured images of equipment to show what is used to create music. I also captured schedules and calendars to show how busy the life of a band student is. I took pictures of the ensemble to show how closely placed they are and that it is a group activity. I wanted to show how music is on the inside versus how it is seem from the outside. I wanted the photos to speak for themselves, so I do not have many words.

how to photograph photo essays

panning project


So for this project we experimented with panning, when you photograph motion but get the subject in focus and the background blurred. We went on the corner of kraemer and alta vista to take pictures of cars in motion. We also took pictures of still objects and photoshopped them to appear that they were panned images.

To get a clear subject and blurred background you have to follow your objects movement and set your camera to continuous shooting mode and set the aperture to the right setting. For the still photos you just replicate the blur by duplicating the background twice and applying various blur effects on the duplicates and then use gradients to add texture. I think getting the cars in focus was the hardest part of this project.



double exposure


so for this project, we had to create a double exposure, basically two images placed on top of each other slightly transparent so you can see both at the same time. I was really sure what direction I wanted to take this project, but I’m happy with the results.

I took pictures of some of my friends and classmates to see what photo would have the best silhouette. I liked the way my friend tyler was positioned, so I decided to use his picture for this project. I struggled with the photoshop portion of this project, but with help from a friend, it was possible. I was limited to the landscape photo as there are not very many interesting landscapes here at school.

how to make a double exposure



Kim_karis_2brookeportrait.jpgKim_karis_brookeportrait.jpgkim_karis_portraitbrooke.jpgFor this project the object was to capture a person as our main focus. I chose to photograph my friend Brooke and wanted to get some candid pictures of her, to show the viewer how she looks naturally.

Since I already know Brooke she is comfortable around me and it was not too difficult to get some good candid shots. I tried to really get her essence in the photos with some serious and some happy. I enhanced her eyes and skin in the photos to make her pop and take away any distractions. I think this project turned out well and Brooke looks very natural and not overly posed.


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Self portrait


For this project I took pictures of myself to show how I am in public and in private. I wanted to have pictures that are an accurate representation of my personality. I chose to take all these photos outside to utilize natural light.

I had the help of my sister to get some of these shots, and we shot the pictures at a park in our neighborhood. The middle bottom picture I took myself just by extending my arm and having the camera on auto focus. I used adjustments in photoshop to make the photos more vibrant and adjust the exposure. I added an action sequence as it was a requirement and chose to sit on the swings. I used color splash in the middle top photo, my shirt, lips, and parts of my hair are colored. I really enjoyed this project as we don’t often take photos of ourselves. how to do color splay in photoshop

CD project


I wanted to create an album cover that embodied the alternative/ dream pop vibe. I wanted to use an artist who I already listen to. I wanted the cover to look more like artwork rather than photographs and I wanted the images to be colorful.

I chose to use the photoshop filters (primarily cutout) to create that painted look. I chose images that were either very close in or abstract to add to the collage like feel. I chose some pictures that were very obvious and clear and some more abstract. I downloaded a font from called “spook” to tie the whole cover together. I named the album “art school” because that is my favorite song by Frankie Cosmos, and I decided to just come up with some fake song titles to include in the album.

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