layer blending

kim_karis_layerblending.jpgThis tutorial was easy to follow and user friendly.Although I do not like how this looks, I achieved the look the tutorial was going for. This tutorial is good for practicing blending techniques, but not actually practical.

I used stock photos and a picture of my friend to create this romance novel- looking thing. It was pretty easy and not stressful.tutorial

face shatter

tutorialkim_karis_faceshatter.jpgThis tutorial was extremely difficult to follow, but i tried my best. I actually kind of like how it turned out. I like the grid and how there are only a few squares standing out.

I tried to follow the tutorial, but it was not of much help, so I asked my teacher. I do not recommend this tutorial for anyone. The ultimate product is something maybe for the cover of a terrible children’s sci-fi novel or an advertisement for wrinkle cream.


KIm_karis_polaroid.jpgI used a different photoshop tutorial than the one provided by my educator, since i did not like the look. I am still not happy with the outcome since real polaroids don’t have crazy dusty shadows everywhere. But I did do my best to emulate the fake polaroids I have seen online.

I used this photo that I have been wanting to use, but did not feel like it fit in for any other project. I used blending modes to mock the shadows I have seen in these type of images.the tutorial provided

But don’t even waste your time this one is like super easy and looks better :)))))

polaroid transfer


Not gonna lie, this is not my best work :///// This effect makes the photo look like an extremely fake cheesy postcard maybe from Amsterdam. But if that was the goal, I have succeeded.

I used the photo of the baby cars to represent children being forced to make grown up decisions. I like the photo itself, but it made me sad to have to put such an ugly effect on it. I tried my best to follow the tutorial, but my I had some hard times. I did not even try to attempt the “scratches” TUTORIAL

polaroid collage

kim_karis_polaroidcollage.jpgThis is my second favorite tutorial since it looks kinda cheesy but mediocrely decent. I again used a flower since this effect can be rather terrifying with human subjects, since the multiply polaroid  borders slice up the subjects face.

This was the easiest tutorial to follow, no crazy instructions, so if you want to recreate this post card looking image, it is not too hard.If you focus on the baby’s face in the photo used in the tutorial it makes it less painful. I picked a close up shot of this flower so it would be easier to comprehend the continuity of this image.


painting tutorial

kim_karis_paintingtut.jpgThis was definitely my favorite photoshop tutorials because it is something that i saw the demo and thought ‘hey that actually look somewhat decent’ I like this tutorial for non- human subjects as the texture can make someone look as if their skin is sandpaper. I wanted to use this flower since it is a non-human object and will be benefitted by this effect.

I tried to follow the tutorial, but I actually thought it looked better leaving the colors present instead of inverting, then desaturating, then putting the colors back.  I thought it was rather unnecessary to go through that much work to receive a worse effect.

the tutorial I somewhat followed but kind of abandoned so i could have a nicer image